In vitro tests with cell and tissue cultures have increasingly become the method of choice for characterization of cosmetic products, active substances, surface coating and biomaterials. They can provide information about ingredient and product safety, cytotoxicity and specific mode of action via analysis of effects on cells and tissues which can be adjusted also to mimic pathological conditions. Tests can be custom made and highly individualized. Our tests are fully complaint with the latest cosmetic product regulation in the EU.





Specific in vitro tests are essential for the development of new cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, and also to assess the impact of different environmental factors on specific cells and tissues. In vitro tests provide the following key advantages:


  • Informative
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast



We provide the following in vitro tests:


  • Cytotoxicity analysis

  • Assessment of cell proliferation and migration

  • Real time PCR analysis of custom designed gene set

  • Quantitative analysis of growth factor and cytokine secretion

  • Cell interactions in co-cultures and tissue cultures

  • Stability testing and microbial challenge tests for cosmetic formulations




Highly customized study design combined with state-of-the-art technology

Automated systems that combine cell maintenance, cell monitoring and cellular measurements in one complete package can be included.  These state-of-the-art systems are ideal for live cell imaging and analysis both for long term and short term studies of cell and tissue cultures, and tissue engineered products. The analysis works label-free and, therefore eliminates the possibility for changes in cell metabolism by the addition of fluorescent or other labels.




Cell and tissue culture-based in vitro test systems for evaluation of natural skin care product ingredients


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